Do you want to link up with other twins?

(higher order multiples welcome!)

Be personally invited to special twin events - picnics, parties, special twin holidays and other cool twin events. Great opportunities to do really cool things with your twin, made even more fun with the company of other twins!
Twins Club Questionnaires
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Detailed Twins Questionnaire

Twins Questionnaire
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Link up with other people who understand the unique gift of twinship.
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Share in the wonders of natural twin affinity.
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Twins' and Multiples' Details
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You may laugh but some twins are born on different days!

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Parents Details:
If you are a parent, joining on behalf of your twins, please complete your details here.

for ongoing Twins Club membership you may
be required to provide proof of your twinship.
This can be provided to:
Twins Realm
PO Box 1210,
Oxley QLD 4075
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