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Hi everyone - I'm currently away travelling; here's some new photos from my recent trip to Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka
(formerly Ceylon)

Sri Lankan flag

I also traveled to Sri Lanka for a holiday in July 2003 - click here for more pics from that visit.

While I was in Sri Lanka in August 2004 I met with the founding members and management of the Sri Lanka Twins Cultural and Development Centre.

Unfortunately approximately 95% of twins in Sri Lanka are born into abject poverty; this Twins Association is trying to improve the lives of all Sri Lankan twins.

The association was founded by twin sisters, Upuli and Chamali Gamage back in 1993 with the aim of providing cultural backing, education and other welfare assistance for Sri Lankan twins.

The association now has more than 7000 members and is run with the ongoing assistance of Upuli's husband, Major Mahinda Hettiarachchi.

Check out their website for more details and information on how you can help!

Here are a few photos of our meeting together.
(you can click on each photo for a larger version)
Chamali, Lake and Upuli
Chamali, Lake and Upuli together during visit August 2004
Chamali, Lake and Upuli
Close up of Chamali, Lake and Upuli - August 2004
Mahinda and Lake
Mahinda - Upuli's husband; also Managing Director (and only non-twin member of the association) with Lake - August 2004
Lake with Upuli and Mahinda's baby boy
Lake holding Upuli and Mahinda's six month old baby boy - too cute!
Plaque presented to Lake
Commemorative plaque presented to Lake by the Sri Lanka Twins association.

** - Newsflash - **

Sri Lankan flag
26 December 2004

Tsunami disaster hits Sri Lanka; 30,000 dead and more than 1 million homeless.

How you can help!

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Sri Lanka?

Sri Lankan flag

Try these links for various

Sri Lanka Twin Sites:
Sri Lanka Twins Cultural and Development Centre
established by twins, and currently with more than 7000 members the association provides cultural backing, education and other welfare assistance for Sri Lankan twins.

Sri Lanka Twin Registry - academic and research institution with register of twins in Sri Lanka (to facilitate medical studies of twins).

Other Sri Lanka Sites:

Sri Lanka Tourist Board

Department of Wildlife Conservation (Sri Lanka)

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