Debbie and Lisa Ganz visit Australia

Australian Multiple Birth Association Twins event
Sydney Australia - 18 October 2002

Debbie and Lisa Ganz with the youngest twins at the event - 7 week old twins from Newcastle
Debbie and Lisa Ganz
with the youngest twins at the event (7 week old twins from Newcastle)

Debbie and Lisa Ganz were recently visiting Australia and AMBA NSW were lucky enough to organise a special twins event to co-incide with their time here.

Lots of sets of twins and parents of twins came along to the dinner function in Sydney and we had a great time listening to the Ganz twins and socialising with other twins. Debbie and Lisa gave a speech about their experience of life as twins and how they have successfully turned their twinship into a thriving twin business.

Check out their
Twins World" website at:

The Ganz twins have also set up a non-profit organisation called T.W.I.N.S. (Twinsworld International Networking Society) and host an annual twins fundraising function. More than 1000 sets of twins attended their 2002 fundraising party which raised money for twin victims of the September 11 bombing and their families.
Debbie and Lisa answered questions about living together, dressing the same, sharing a room, being separated at school, twins fighting and many other twin specific issues. The insight they shared with parents of twins about these twin issues will be invaluable to them in years to come.

Special thanks to all the
Twins Realm
Twins Club members
who came along
and supported the event!!

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