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These are some of the best Twins Sites we've found.
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Twins World
One of the best U.S. sites for twins; Twinsworld is brought to you by Debra & Lisa Ganz. Owners of DreamMakers; the first casting agency just for twins (and higher order multiples). They are also co-owners of the New York Twins restaurant (which is currently closed), and authors of The Book of Twins and several Twins Calendars.
Twin Stuff
Twinstuff - Another great U.S. twin site with lots of links, twin information, trivia and some twin merchandise. Remarkably Craig & Mark are married to twin sisters (Diane & Darlene).
email list for Adult Twins
Mailing List for Adult Twins
With approx 200 members; the Adult Twins list has lots of interesting discussion. This is a space for Adult Twins to talk about the trials,tribulations and wonders that go along with being a twin.


John Robinson

John Robinson is the keeper of the official Twinsburg Twinsday homepage (link from our Twin Festivals page). His personal homepage has lots of twin links and heaps of photos from the Twinsburg festivals.

Ferris Brothers
The Ferris Brothers (Bob and Rich) this site has hundreds of photos from the Twinsburg Twins Days festivals spanning nearly a decade.
Multiple Exposures
  Multiple Exposures is a wonderful site where you can read about other parents experiences, share your unique stories and add your personal contribution to an Australian book on life with multiples, or just browse through some cute photographs.
Twins 'R' Us
Twins 'R' Us is the homepage of identical twins sisters Sue and Emma Girard from England.
Jan and Torben Gundtofte-Bruun

This is the homepage of Jan and Torben Gundtofte-Bruun identical twins from Denmark.

Lisa and Jessica

The Twin Site
Lisa and Jessica are successful twin entertainers from Brisbane, Australia; they sing, dance and act! Their cool site includes downloads of a their current demo singles - great fun!

The Topp Twins
The Topp Twins
  The Topp Twins are New Zealand's well-loved musical and comic duo. Twin sisters with their own primetime TV Series they are truly original entertainers. Their unique blend of original music, comedy, yodelling and audience participation means the Topp Twins deliver a total entertainment experience unlike any other act.
Fitzpatrick twins
Adam & Mark Fitzpatrick live on the Mornington Peninsula of Victoria, Australia. Their interests include bodyboarding, modelling, travelling and partying. The twins are currently represented by Giant Management of Melbourne.
Larissa and Melanie Watson
Larissa and Melanie Watson
  20 year old twins Larissa and Melanie Watson specialise in stage magic. They are third generation magicians; their great-great uncle Oswald Ashton was one of the founding members of the NZ Society of Magicians.
Carbon Copies
  Carbon Copies is a personal management company run by Michlene, a mother of adult fraternal twins. She specialises in placing twins and multiples with appropriate talent agents.
Deidre Hall

Deidre Hall (Dr. Marlena Evans - Days of Our Lives)
Deidre, who has an identical twin, was born in Milwaukee and raised in Florida. She originally joined Days of Our Lives as Dr. Marlena Evans in 1976. She has earned three Emmy Award nominations and three People’s Choice Award nominations for her work on Days of Our Lives.

Mary-Kate and Ashley
  Mary_Kate and Ashley Olsen (shared the role of Michelle Tanner on the TV series FULL HOUSE from 1987 to 1995). Their site includes photos of them, information on all their current ventures and lots more.
Lee and Paula Bowman
  Lee and Paula Bowman are Australian twins set to rock the world. With their musical talents, long blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes, these girls are set to make the scene wherever they go. The girls have been singing professionally for five years, having toured the world including Hong Kong, Tokyo and Dubai. The Bowman Twins are also available for bookings.
Seeing Double Productions

Seeing Double Productions - Sheri and Stacea Rosenblum are identical twin sisters who performed in the off-Broadway hit Seeing Double. (also directed by Stasea Rosenblum, making her directorial debut)

The Nelson Brothers
  Nelson - (twin sons of rock 'n' roll icon Rick Nelson). Matthew and Gunnar's band "Nelson" zoomed to number one with "(I Can't Live Without Your) Love and Affection,". The Nelson family are the only family in history to have unleashed three successive generations of #1 Hitmakers (The Guiness Book of World Records).
Good Charlotte
  Good Charlotte's first single is called The Little Things. Two of the members are 21 year-old identical twin brothers, lead guitarist Benji and front man Joel.
Psychic Twins

Psychic Twins - Terry and Linda Jamison
The Psychic Twins appear regularly on National Enquirer TV, Turner Superstation, NBC, ABC, AMC, and Oprah Winfrey's Oxygen Network which interviewed them as two of the world's best psychics. They have also appeared in seven documentary films.

Gemellandia - an Italian website dedicated to twins and their families. (not available in English)

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