Australian Organisations for twins

Australian Multiple Birth Association

The Australian Multiple Birth Association (AMBA) is specifically for parents and families of twins and multiples. There are many local groups that hold social gatherings, have support groups and more.

The South Australian Multiple Birth Association was formed to provide support, information and practical assistance to multiple birth families.

Perth AMBA
Perth and Districts
Multiple Birth Association (Inc)

The Perth and Districts Multiple Birth Association is a non-profit, self-help organisation for sharing information on the care and raising of multiple birth children.

Canberra and Region Multiple Birth Association are a group of parents of multiple birth children who have experienced the wonder of having more than one baby at a time. They are there to offer support, information, and understanding.

Australian Twinless

Australian Twinless began in March, 2002, as a successor to the" Lonesome Dove" bereavement support group which had served bereaved twins and parents in Australia for approximately ten years. They have members in every state in Australia and offer a small lending library.

"Only one who has lost a twin knows how it feels...
Meet other Australian Twinless, share your feelings, hear their stories, and experience the benefits of belonging to a group dedicated to those who have lost a twin.
You are not alone... "

The Australian NHMRC Twin Registry is a medical registry of Australian twins. Started in 1980 it is the largest voluntary medical register of twins in the world, currently listing about 30,000 sets.
(ph: 1800 037 021 - freecall in Australia)


The Genetic Epidemiology Laboratory of the Queensland Institute of Medical Research conducts studies on a diverse range of topics from alcoholism to osteoarthritis. Most of the studies involve the co-operation of twin pairs drawn from the Australian NHMRC Twin Registry. Over 15,000 pairs of twins have participated in our various studies, and almost 40,000 relatives of those twins.


International Organisations for twins

New Zealand Multiple Birth Association
New Zealand Multiple Birth Association
NZMBA - Their mission is to address the special and unique needs of families experiencing a multiple birth, by providing information and support to Multiple Birth Clubs and members.

Twin Loss NZ
Twin and Multiple Birth Loss NZ

Twin and Multiple Birth Loss NZ are a group of families from all over New Zealand who have lost one or more or all of their twins, triplets or more from early pregnancy to childhood and beyond including the loss of a twin sibling in adulthood.

South Jersey Twin's Club
South Jersey Twin's Club is a social organisation in South Jersey USA that meets for twin events. They have photos and links on their page.

Michigan Twins Association

Michigan Twins Association (USA) have regular twin gatherings.

Nebraska State Twin Association
Nebraska State Twin Association is organised by Twins for Twins. They hold an annual Twin Convention on the third full weekend of October each year.

Multiple Births Canada
Multiple Births Canada exists to improve the quality of life for multiple birth individuals and their families in Canada. With an extensive network of local chapters, health care professionals and organisations, Multiple Births Canada is the source for information on Multiple Births in Canada. (Site available in French and English)

Twinless Twins Support Group International
Twinless Twins Support Group International is an American group of over 1900 people, for twins and families suffering the loss of a twin. They offer on-line support, lists of available resources and more.

Twinless Twins Internet Support Group
Twinless Twins Internet Support Group is a list for all surviving twins and supertwins to chat, share info, twin stories etc. Parents of surviving multiples are welcome as well.

The Swedish Twin Registry

The Swedish Twin Registry is administered by the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden. The Registry is the largest twin register in the world and includes more than 140,000 twins. There are about 30 ongoing research projects using data from this Registry.

Sri Lanka Twin Registry
Sri Lanka Twin Registry
Sri Lanka Twin Registry is an independent academic and research institution founded with the aim of establishing a register for twins in Sri Lanka, to facilitate study of twins. They aim to establish a centre of excellence for twin, sibling, family studies and genetic studies for the South Asian Region.

(Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

The MIT Twins Study is a long-term study of language development in twins. The goal of the project is to study identical and fraternal twins to determine the relative importance of nature and nurture in language development.

The Center for Study of Multiple Birth

The Center for Study of Multiple Birth's mission is to promote and advance the health of women and children, particularly multiples, through education, research and public service.

The aim of The Multiple Births Foundation (United Kingdom) is to provide advice and training to enable health professionals to identify, prevent or limit the problems experienced by multiple birth families.

International Society
for Twin Studies
twin reasearch
The purpose of the International Society for Twin Studies is to further research and public education in all fields related to twins and twin studies, for the mutual benefit of twins and their families and of scientific research in general.

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