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Newsflash: The next Australian Twins Plus Festival
will be held in
Melbourne on Sunday the 22nd March 2015

Twins Plus Festival 2015
Hosted by A.M.B.A. and A.T.R

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Twin troubles are a part of twin life; we don't like to talk about it but it's true!

Twin Troubles

Life brings many challenges; shockingly for us this included a breakdown of our twinny relationship which resulted in us being estranged for many years. This experience was painful and difficult for both of us.

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Flame and kids

On a happier note Flame has had her 3rd baby! Flame's 3 wonderful children are: (click for more pics)
Phoenix ~ a darling 6 yr old boy
Isabel ~ a dear 4 yr old little girl
Saxon ~ a cutie 1 yr old baby boy

Lake's Overseas Travels

Lake's Health Problems

I've been diagnosed with CFS/ME and a number of auto-immune conditions. My symptoms mean I struggle to have enough physical strength for everyday living. Thankfully the science in these areas is progressing and treatments will hopefully be available soon. For more detailed information see my health page.

I've been overseas, mostly staying in India and Sri Lanka for many years. You can see some pics from my journeys on my Overseas Travels Pages.

I've also taken over responsibility for maintaining our Twins Realm site. Unfortunately because I've been having severe health problems the last few years this has meant some really long delays.
I apologise for the unavoidable delays in site updates and really appreciate all your patience and understanding. All the twin photos being sent in are fabulous - I will try to get them online as soon as I can. Please keep emailing us your photos, suggestions and comments.
Hope you are all happy and well.
Twincerely - Lake (and Flame)
Lake and Flame
For more information about Lake and Flame check out About Us.
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